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SC GRANDEMAR SA performs, as of 05/05/2014, the "SC GRANDEMAR SA economic competitiveness through the acquisition of modern equipment" Project, financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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Partnerships and affiliations

GrandemarGrandemar is a founder member of Professional Association of Mineral Aggregates Producers (A.P.P.A.). This association was created in 2004 and it is a member of U.E.P.G. "Union Européenne des Producteurs de Granulats" (European Aggregates Association) with the office in Brussels. The purpose of the association is to promote amongst the producers in Romania the experience and studies of the same companies in the European Union. Following the example of U.E.P.G., the association activity is structured on four sections:
- Health and Safety at Work
- Environmental Protection
- Techniques and Quality Standards
- Economical Section

Fiscal Information

Company Name:
Head Office:
Cluj-Napoca, 5 Ţebei Street, Cluj County
Trade Register Number:
VAT Registration Code:
RO 200947
Share Subscribed Capital:
6.978.749,90 RON
Share Paid-in Capital:
6.978.749,90 RON


The Policy Statement as Regards to Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work

The management of GRANDEMAR CLUJ pays continuous attention in maintaining the company on the first positions in the filed of „Extraction of decorative and building stone, extraction of calcareous stone, gypsum, chalk and slate” in the northern-western part of the country. The measures used: continuous improvement of performances of the Integrated Management System, making products according to requirements, satisfying the clients’ requests and expectations and the ones of other interested parties, like: suppliers, authorities, employees; preventing environmental pollution, preventing accidents at work, observation of the law and other applicable rules.

GRANDEMAR CLUJ proposes itself to accomplish the objectives of quality, environmental and safety and health at work and also to apply this policy to all the working facilities: Poieni, Valea Lungii, Bologa, Bologa Henţ, Morlaca and Moigrad, in the following way:

Regarding quality:

  • to satisfy all the applicable legal and regulatory requirements to all its products and manufacturing processes in order to eliminate the possibility of non-conforming products,
  • to maintain the control certification of aggregate production (inside the factory) – for the products with harmonised standards, having conformity attesting system 2+ with a view to applying the conformity markings,
  • to increase the clients’ average satisfaction degree to 92 points, so it does not have complaints and refusals regarding the quality of delivered products.

Regarding the environment

  • to satisfy the legal requirements and other regulative requests in the environmental field,
  • to plan the identification, evaluation and diminishing of significant environmental aspects,
  • to optimize the consumption of natural resources - magmatic rocks - and to ensure environmental restoration in the areas altered by exploitation,
  • to improve the environmental performances by reducing the environmental incidents, reducing the pollution of soil and air, improving the electric power, fuel, and water consumption
  • to make rhythmical waste recovery and initiate measures to reduce waste.

Regarding Safety and Health at Work:

  • to satisfy the legal requirements and other regulative requests in the Safety and Health at Work and the Fire Protection areas,
  • to reduce to zero the explosion risks and the respiratory diseases provoked by dust when removing and processing rocks,
  • to plan and make the evaluation of risks associated to the activities each time processes, practices or resources are being modified,
  • to improve the level of safety and health at work by applying measures that take into account general rules of prevention,
  • to establish responsibilities for employees regarding their own health and safety
  • to maintain the cases of emergency at “0” level,
  • to apply the prevention policy of major accidents where dangerous substances are involved.

We, the management of the company, by the representatives of each management division, are committed to ensure the following:

  • the policy is adequate to the scope of the organisation. It fits the nature, dimensions and impacts over the environment, and it fits the activities, products and services, as well as the level of risks in the organisation,
  • satisfaction of requirements and continuous improvement of the integrated management system,
  • the objectives are established, well-known and analysed at relevant levels,
  • the policy is communicated and understood within the organisation,
  • the policy is analysed for its continuous adequacy.

The declaration regarding the policy is communicated to the entire working personnel of the organisation or working on behalf of it. The division representatives of the management will make periodical instructions for the acknowledgement, observance, appliance and achievement of quality, environmental, safety and health at work policies and objectives.

This declaration is available to the public and can be accessed on the web page: www.grandemar.ro and here.

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